Ultra Low Emission Fire

In the upcoming years, you can expect to hear more about ULE (Ultra Low Emission) wood fireplaces, a category of wood burners designed to have emissions under 0.5 grams. The Monte ECO is a prime example of this, with emissions as low as 0.4 grams, making it a true Ultra Low Emission wood heater.

What sets the Monte ECO apart is its commitment to clean burning. It features 800Grade Vermiculite brick lining, ensuring one of the cleanest burning fires you can experience. Furthermore, the ECO Baffle in this wood heater boasts an 800% increase in secondary air capacity. This innovative design is aimed at re-burning the smoke, resulting in a significantly cleaner and more efficient burn.

With its impressive emissions control and advanced features, the Monte ECO offers not only a cleaner but also a more environmentally responsible and efficient heating solution.

Yunca Monte ECO Pedestal


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And just so you know, all our fireplaces comply with the Environmental Protection (Solid Fuel Heater) Regulations 2018 under the BurnWise program, and Australian Standards AS/NZS 4012: 2014 and AS/NZS 4013: 2014.

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