Piazzetta's Premium Range

The P944 pellet heater by Piazzetta reinvents the timeless wood-burning stove aesthetic with the benefits of contemporary pellet heating technology. Its classic, simple square design merges seamlessly with the modern home, appealing to the eco-conscious consumer who doesn’t want to compromise on style. Programmable features and optional Wi-Fi connectivity put heating control at your fingertips, and it smartly notifies you when pellet replenishment is needed. With a variety of colors to complement any interior, the P944 is not just a heating solution but a home accessory. Offering an impressive 70% more efficiency than traditional wood stoves and a notable reduction in emissions, this heater provides 9KW of heat output and boasts an 88.5% nominal thermal efficiency. The P944 is the epitome of comfort with responsibility—a true embodiment of heating efficiency and environmental mindfulness.

Piazzetta SY Range P944


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And just so you know, all our fireplaces comply with the Environmental Protection (Solid Fuel Heater) Regulations 2018 under the BurnWise program, and Australian Standards AS/NZS 4012: 2014 and AS/NZS 4013: 2014.

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