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How to choose the best holiday home fireplace

juicebox 0 minute Nov 22, 2023

Creating the perfect ambiance in your holiday home starts with choosing the right fireplace. Whether it’s the rustic appeal of firewood, the ease of electric or gas, or the modern touch of a pellet burner, your choice sets the tone. Let’s explore key factors to help you select the ideal fireplace for your getaway haven.

Key Insights
  1. Matching Aesthetics with Ambiance: Choose a fireplace that complements your holiday home’s style, whether it’s the classic charm of solid fuel, the modern touch of gas, or the convenience of electric.
  2. Efficient Heating Solutions: Consider your climate and visit duration when selecting between the efficient warmth of solid fuel, the controlled heat of gas, or the energy-efficient flexibility of electric fireplaces.
  3. Maintenance and Practicality: Factor in maintenance preferences – from the rustic appeal of solid fuel to the low upkeep of gas and electric options – to ensure your the fireplace puts holiday relaxation at the forefront.
  4. Guest-Friendly Fuel Management: Ensure a hassle-free experience for your guests by opting for a fireplace with a fuel source that’s easy to use and manage, whether it’s the simplicity of solid fuel or the convenience of gas.
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And just so you know, all our fireplaces comply with the Environmental Protection (Solid Fuel Heater) Regulations 2018 under the BurnWise program, and Australian Standards AS/NZS 4012: 2014 and AS/NZS 4013: 2014.

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