Pacific Energy

Pacific Energy

Pacific Energy wood heaters elevate home heating, combining clean burning, efficiency, and user-friendliness in an unrivalled way. Crafted in Canada for Canadian winters, these heaters are perfect for extreme cold.

The system has eliminated complex air controls and now features the industry’s largest single air control lever (150mm) for effortless adjustments and complete fire control.

Pacific Energy’s innovative Extended Burn Technology (EBT2) revolutionises wood fire control. It includes automatic draft control to prevent high flues from stifling your fire, a common issue in two-story homes or those with cathedral ceilings. EBT2 automatically regulates the draft to ensure a perfect fire, regardless of flue height.

The system’s premium 304-grade stainless steel baffle sets the standard for clean burning. It reignites smoke particles within the firebox, significantly reducing emissions and generating a distinctive afterburn. This process produces more heat per log and cleaner burning, contributing to a healthier environment.

Designers meticulously crafted every aspect of the baffle for optimal performance and longevity. They used high-quality seam-welded steel and precisely formed hollow chambers to allow continuous secondary air flow, showcasing a commitment to excellence. The baffle also comes with an industry-leading 10-year warranty, symbolising enduring quality.

New high-efficiency homes can struggle with negative pressure due to tight seals, causing smoking fireplaces. Pacific Energy wood heaters solve this problem with an optional fresh air intake kit that ensures a clean burn.

With effortless control, automatic draft regulation, and a clean-burning, 10-year guaranteed baffle, Pacific Energy offers a superior heating experience. Embrace the warmth and ambience of a Pacific Energy wood fire, simplified with cutting-edge innovation.

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