Over 170 Years of Heating Innovation: Founded in 1854, ESSE Stoves boasts a rich heritage. They revolutionised European heating by introducing enclosed heating stoves, a significant shift from traditional open fireplaces. Driven by a commitment to clean and efficient burning, ESSE prioritised minimal smoke output, leading to widespread adoption for their exceptional performance and reliability. The innovative ESSE Pioneer Stove, featuring smoke re-burning technology, exemplifies their lasting dedication to advancement.

From Kitchens to Palaces: ESSE’s effectiveness extended beyond culinary applications. Their ability to provide reliable and efficient whole-home heating made them a favourite in both ordinary homes and prestigious institutions across Europe, including royal residences. This enduring legacy underscores the enduring quality and trust associated with the ESSE brand.

Tested by Explorers, Trusted by Generations: ESSE Stoves have proven their resilience in harsh environments. Renowned explorers like Ernest Shackleton and Robert Falcon Scott relied on them for warmth and cooking during perilous expeditions. This testament to their durability and functionality further solidified ESSE’s reputation as a brand built to last.

Modern Functionality Meets Classic Design: Despite their rich history, ESSE remains innovative. They offer a range of modern wood-burning and multi-fuel appliances alongside their classic cast-iron models. This commitment to blending tradition with modern functionality ensures ESSE Stoves remain relevant and coveted by discerning homeowners today.

Experience the ESSE Legacy: Owning an ESSE Stove isn’t just about cooking; it’s about connecting with a legacy of excellence. From their pioneering spirit to their unwavering commitment to quality, ESSE Stoves represent a timeless tradition of bringing warmth and culinary possibilities to homes around the world.

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